Vietbando Maps API

Programming tools that help you integrate maps, searching/routing functions into your websites and applications.


Overview of Vietbando Maps API

Vietbando Maps API is a method that allows external parties to use the functions of Vietbando Maps to build their own products. Vietbando Maps API is built on powerful and modern technologies, ensuring a stable, scalable, flexible and highly secure system.

Accurate data

Map data of the whole of Vietnam is continuously updated comprehensively, accurately and reliably.

Easy to use

The API system is designed to be simple, easy to use, combined with the dedicated online technical support team.

Economic efficiency

Optimal cost and many incentives attached.


Directions API

Provide precise, optimal routing service with a variety of options:

  • Find path through 2 or more locations.
  • Supports a variety of vehicles (walking, motorbike, car and truck).
  • Supports different path finding criteria (fastest, shortest).
  • The returned result may have multiple routes.
  • Spatial functions: check points inside/outside of area, snap points into the road.
  • Support TSP function: determine the optimal route across multiple locations.


Places API

Support location search (POI), address (PA) service throughout the territory of Vietnam according to many criteria:

  • Full-text search.
  • Search nearby.
  • Spatial queries.
  • Auto suggest search.


Maps Javascript API

Bring the real world to your web users with as many custom maps as you want:

  • Allows to integrate maps into web pages using Javascript.
  • Display map layers from different sources.
  • Supports a variety of layers (layers), styles (styles), controls (controls), events (events), markers (points, polyline, polygons)... to customize according to individual needs.


Mobile Maps SDK

Bring the real world to your mobile users with various custom maps:

  • Integrate maps into mobile devices (Android and iOS supported).
  • The SDK automatically takes the map images, displays them on the application, and responds to user actions such as dragging, clicking...
  • Supports a variety of markers, layers, events...


Geocoding API

Convert addresses to coordinates and vice versa (Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding):

  • Geocoding is the process of converting an address (such as a street address) into geographic coordinates (such as latitude and longitude), which can be used to place marker on a map or locate on map.
  • Reverse Geocoding is the process of converting geographic coordinates into a human readable address.


Distance Matrix API

Provide distance matrix to support solving logistics problems, multi-location delivery, taxi coordination, optimal route planning…

  • Get the distance matrix information (distance along the path, time) from the set of starting and ending points.
  • The service returns information based on the suggested route between the start and end points.


Static Maps API

Provide static map for website, suitable for report/contact pages:

  • Allows embedding static map images into web pages without using Javascript.
  • The service creates a map image based on the URL parameters via an HTTP request and returns a map image that can be displayed on the web.

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