Service Packs

Basic - Route Monitoring

1. Maps Javascript API

  • Maps Javascript API help integrating Vietbando map into your website.
  • You only need to register to get a key to use the API. Once gets key, you can develop your applications according to our guide.
  • You can easily control our map according to your desires.

2. Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding

  • Convert coordinates into a human-readable address((house number, street, ward, district, province) and vice versa.

3. Routing

  • Find the path between 2 or more points by many options such as shortest path, traffic jam or alley restriction for all type of vehicles( walking, bike, car, truck, bus)

4. Speed Query API

  • Determine the maximum allowed speed of the implementation of road by coordinates passed.
  • Supports warning reached the vehicle speed.

5. Searching

  • Search all Points of Interest by fulltext passed.
  • Search Nerby: point, polyline and polygon.
  • Search by Category.

6. Warning inside / outside area, road

  • Identify one point within or outside the area or road (radius).