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Ly Son, the place of soldiers to protect Hoang Sa

10/20/2014 4:16:43 PM | admin | Sea and islands sovereignty

  • It is about the island of Ly Son - the island where the wind waves of South Central. The people here rich emotional, naive, native built at sea.

  • Ly Son Island also is where the Army Corps of Vietnam feudal dynasties of the Paracel Islands to protect the country's sovereignty.

    "The fishermen Sa seaport States, as well as people Cu Lao Re, previously known Ly Son island are very good at seafaring. They not only fishing in waters that are adjacent to the islands remoteness of the territory as Hoang Sa, Truong Sa to fishing.

    Every inch of land on the island were tinged with sweat by the islanders stones, garlic farming. By clinging to the land as the sea clinging to survival means that the people on the island of lasting a lifetime.

    Ice and manpower, each day a layer made ​​stones hugged every inch of ground hold, won every meter of land to build up the family home.

    These antique maps indicate the area of ​​Ly Son Island and the Paracel Islands, Spratly Vietnam territory from time immemorial and the rest Nom bibliographies as: Phu Bien Tap Luc Ðôn 1776 , Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi Quan Quoc Tu by the Nguyen Dynasty ... compilation is invaluable evidence about the origin and history of the islands of our country, is the cultural and historical researchers inside and outside shall certify ...

    Keep thousand live circuit exists between the harsh life of the island by sea and abnormalities of the human person towards ancestors, roots, grateful for the gentle ancestors have left descendants today as a priceless heritage the right to live and own a sacred island waters ...

    Dao Ly Son island are facing turbulent sheltered south-central strip, the little fishing village, the little house with sea challenges with an everlasting vitality of the people island.

    And in the minds of the people in the South Central region, the people of the whole country, the islands, the island of Ly Son, Truong Sa, Hoang Sa flesh and blood, is the sacred land of the Fatherland ".

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