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America requirements are not aggressive China Sea

10/21/2014 9:32:23 AM | admin | Sea and islands sovereignty

  • America - China pledged to mend the differences in strategic dialogue and economic (S & ED) in Beijing. However, despite the diplomatic language, the United States did not hesitate to criticize the behavior of Chinese aggression in the South China Sea recently.

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping (center) and Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (left edge) and Secretary John Kerry in 9-7 day S & ED - Photo: Reuters


    At S & ED, John Kerry and Secretary of Finance Minister Jacob Lew talks with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Vice Premier Wang Yang. At the opening ceremony yesterday, Mr. Kerry said the United States had no intention of containing China. "Although there are many differences, the two countries can absolutely find common ground - Kerry's speech - We welcome a Chinese contribution to the stability and development of the region, responsible role in international issues ".


    China should not aggression

    Despite the diplomatic language, the United States did not hesitate to criticize the behavior of Chinese aggression in the South China Sea recently. According to the United States Department of State website, in Beijing, an unnamed American officials said Mr. Kerry had discussed the tense situation in the South China Sea with Chinese officials. "American Delegation clear view that China should not continue with aggressive behavior in disputed waters" - the official revealed.

    The official said Washington assessment of Beijing's actions "destabilizing and threatening nature." "We found that the behavior of Chinese aggression and that it does not benefit China in the long term review. It is important for Beijing to adjust its behavior "- the official stressed.

    American delegation mentioned that the stress behavior caused China against Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan. The goal of the United States wants China to find peaceful mechanisms to resolve disputes, including respect for international law and the use of legal mechanisms. "They listened carefully and understood our point of view" - American officials confirmed.


    60 negotiating topics

    American Foreign Ministry said in yesterday and today, U.S. officials and China talks on 60 topics, from Chinese hackers, the RMB exchange rate, human rights to climate change. At the opening of the S & ED, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has urged Beijing to adjust the yuan exchange rate consistent with the actual value in the market. "We support efforts by China to allow the market to play a more decisive role in the economy. Toward the market rate decision is an important step "- he insisted Lew.

    Mr Lew said that China should develop in line with the regulations and international precedents to ensure contribute to the balanced development of the global economy. However, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang immediate response that Beijing will not rush to adjust rates. "If reform is too fast, we will suffer the fatal mistake" - Mr Wang said.

    In the field of climate change, the two sides announced eight new projects to reduce carbon emissions. Officials of the two countries also reached an agreement to raise the standard fuel consumption of the car. But Washington and Beijing are still a lot of disagreement in the global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The representative of China said that it could not comply with emission regulations such as the United States and other rich countries.

    It is expected that the two sides will also touch a hot issue in Washington is accusing Beijing government was behind the attacks hackers targeted major American businesses to steal trade secrets. Earlier, the US relations - China soured in the wake of Washington prosecute Chinese military officer accused of attacking America network. Secretary Kerry will persuade Beijing to resume the activities of a working group of the United States - China on cyber security.


    (Source: Tuổi Trẻ)