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Russian positioning system global coverage

10/20/2014 4:03:31 PM | admin | News

  • The process of installing a global positioning system of Russia has been completed and now it can locate worldwide. Mr. Vladimir Popvkin, director of the Russian Federal Space Agency, the progress of the installation notification system called Glonass global positioning before the Duma on 7/10. Popvkin confirm installation process is complete Glonass satellites to 24 and it will take another six satellites in the next 4 years.

  • Một vệ tinh trong hệ thống định vị toàn cầu Glonass của Nga. Ảnh: The Voice of Russia.

    A satellite system Glonass global positioning of Russia. Photo: The Voice of Russia.


    Satellite navigation system Glonass is Russia developed in the 80s of the 20th century in order to compete with the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the United States and in the future will compete with Europe's Galileo system.

    Radio The Voice of Russia said that the existing Glonass can locate any place on earth with a maximum error of 5 m. This error will be reduced to 1 m in 2015.

    Scientists predict global positioning satellite will soon become a part of the infrastructure of the developed world in the very near future. So the Russians want to quickly gain market share position globally in the future. Currently GPS is a global positioning system was unique for a complete installation. However, the American system has some shortcomings, such as not working well in many parts of the northern hemisphere and can not locate in the Arctic. Because 45% of the territory of the Russian Arctic, the Glonass system has a very important role for Russia.

    Many countries considered Glonass is the perfect replacement of the GPS. Belarus, India, Kazakhstan and Canada signed an agreement to use Glonass. The European Union is drafting an agreement with Russia on Glonass. The Latin American and Arab countries also expressed interest. However, experts believe that GPS and Glonass are not rivals, but will support each other. In the next few years, a customer can use both at the same time positioning system.


    Minh Long (VnExpress)