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GLONASS serve security purposes

10/20/2014 4:01:11 PM | admin | News

  • Later this year, the navigation system GLONASS Russian equivalent of the American GPS system, will cover all over the world. Anatoly Perminov He, Chairman of Russian National Space Agency, has stated so in conversations with reporters Voice of Russia. For satellite navigation system global operations effectively, in orbit around the earth must have at least 24 satellites. Currently, the Russian positioning system consists of 21 types of GLONASS satellites operating in orbit Universe. Perminov said: "We hope that, this year, the launches will be successful, and by the end of December, Russia will have 24 operational satellites on orbit frequent".

  • Photo: Voice of Russia

    Photo: Voice of Russia


    Chairman of the Russian Space Agency to mention one other important projects - the establishment of space systems "Arctica" to monitor meteorological and geological exploration in the Arctic.

    Perminov said: "The kitchen is Arctic weather to the whole world. For Russia, this region is particularly important because the process of" warming "primarily affecting the northern part of Union Russia. yet, in the Northern Hemisphere, the greater geographical latitude 60-80 no universal system that operates regularly. Everybody understands that, in order to carry out the study and exploitation of natural resources in the Arctic, the system must allocate space for regular activities. "

    Cosmic system "Arctica" can become international projects. According to Mr. Anatoly Perminov, the Canadian staff is also working in this direction, they have expressed interest in the project. In addition, Italian and some Asian countries also advocated partnership with Russia in this field.

    Chairman of the Russian Space Agency said that the international space station ISS could continue to operate in orbit for 10 years, and a number of modules, then in the long run than twice. In the future, the ISS could become the basis of spacecraft flying to other planets, for example, to Mars. In the opinion of Mr. Perminov, which is the scheme of the distant future. For example, guess expedition to the Red Planet up routes sooner than the year 2030 to 2035. But, for the space industry, 25 years is not long term. A quarter century will one day fly over. Anatoly Perminov his remarks so.